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About Me

Mick Hicks PhotographerA year after I moved to San Francisco in 1978 I borrowed money from my father and purchased a new Nikon F2A black body 35mm camera with two lenses. Telephoto and wide angle. Having studied photography at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I served as the photo editor of the student newspaper, The Mustang Daily, I was determined to be the next big thing in photojournalism. Starting as a street photographer I began documenting San Francisco’s new emerging gay community. I photographed parades, street fair, demonstrations, riots, marches, local politics. Eventually I moved indoors and shot in the many clubs, bars, discos, mega parties and the lively and colorful people who inhabited this strange and new mass of humanity. Hopefully, this body of work will someday be in book form: The Cast Party.

My photographs began to appear in the local community newspapers and bar magazines. Eventually they found their way to mainstream news outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle, the Oakland Tribune, Associated Press and Newsweek magazine. During the 80s I continued to freelance and for a couple years shot rock concerts for a German pop scene magazine. Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi, Genesis, Eurythmics and Rick Springfield were among the groups I shot.

Mick Hicks PhotographerChanging directions and cities in the late 80s I opened a photography studio in San Diego and worked with models and actors, creating head shots and portfolios for dreamy eyed souls who longed to be in the spotlight. Continuing with this work I opened a studio in Los Angeles and then in Boston. In 1997, after four freezing winters in New England I moved back to Los Angeles where I have lived since. With the exception of an ill advised one year residence in Sonoma County.

Taking a detour in the late 90s into the adult entertainment genre I have for the past several years worked as a stills photographer on independent film, video and documentary projects. In addition to my film projects I am now shooting model portfolios, head shots, and personnel work in my studio here in Los Angeles. I am always looking for models who are willing to push the envelope of creativity. You may email me or leave a message here on my web site.