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Central Casting

If you’re an actor or working as an extra in Los Angeles and have a period car, 1920’s to 1980’s, and aren’t registered with Central Casting you should do so. Aside from being the best casting agency for background actors, they have a division that books period film cars for film, tv, music videos and any production that requires the look of the past.

Think Vegas and all those fabulous 60s cars driving up and down the strip. I have worked five episodes of the forthcoming Showtime series Masters of Sex with my vintage Caddy. The show is based on the research done by William Masters and Virginia Johnson in the early fifties into the nature of human sexual response. The show will air in September. Your car doesn’t have to be in pristine condition but should be reliable enough to get you to the set without any problems. The pay is good, your car will make more than you, and you get to be on a film set.

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About Mick Hicks

A professional photographer for over 35 years, Mick began his career in 1978 photographing San Francisco’s emerging gay scene. Starting as a street photographer he quickly worked his way into the bars, clubs and discos that were beginning to emerge in the city at that time. His photographs appeared in numerous gay publications as well as mainstream magazines worldwide such as Newsweek, Stern, Time, American Photographer, and Paris Match.

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