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While driving around Los Angeles as an uber driver I have on occasion been known to stop in the middle of traffic to snap a quick pic of the always fascinating urban landscape. Some pics are shot with my iPhone and some are shot with my Sony ILC. Some are taken from the car and when I can I double park and shoot from the street. If I could figure out a way to secretly snap pics of my passengers in the back seat without getting in trouble with Uber I would do it. Those pics are often a lot more interesting than what is taking place outside the car.

Heels on a wire.


Angie's #1


About Mick Hicks

A professional photographer for over 35 years, Mick began his career in 1978 photographing San Francisco’s emerging gay scene. Starting as a street photographer he quickly worked his way into the bars, clubs and discos that were beginning to emerge in the city at that time. His photographs appeared in numerous gay publications as well as mainstream magazines worldwide such as Newsweek, Stern, Time, American Photographer, and Paris Match.


  1. patrick flynn

    Hi Mick. You did my portfolio back in the mid 90’s in Boston Ma. We took most of the shots outside on Newbury st. I was wondering if you keep any copies of your clients as I would love to see them again. I went thru a divorce 14 years ago and lost everything. I do acting still thru out New England and of course update my head shots regularly. But I would really like to see my old shots when I looked like Tom Cruise. Now I look more like John candy. Thank you very much for your time and I of course will pay you for as many pics as you can find. Thanks again.
    Patrick m. Flynn

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