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SF Bay Bridge

This is the first post on my new website. Just took this pic of the SF Bay Bridge a couple days ago. $8 million worth of lights makes a very nice photo.


About Mick Hicks

A professional photographer for over 35 years, Mick began his career in 1978 photographing San Francisco’s emerging gay scene. Starting as a street photographer he quickly worked his way into the bars, clubs and discos that were beginning to emerge in the city at that time. His photographs appeared in numerous gay publications as well as mainstream magazines worldwide such as Newsweek, Stern, Time, American Photographer, and Paris Match.

One Response to SF Bay Bridge

  1. Bob Anderson

    Hello Mr Hicks,
    I have seen your fantastic work for many years. I think first with Bel Ami Studios.
    I’m contacting you about a video that I just viewed today, Jerkin It. I have a question about two models that were featured in that 2003 video, Trent Austin and Ricky Cash. They both look somewhat familiar, but I don’t know where I have seen them before.
    Is it possible that you might have some information on each models other works. Did they possibly work under other names or with other studios.
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You,
    Bob Anderson
    Largo, Florida 33771

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