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Mick HicksProfessional photographer with many years experience shooting for magazines, films, models, actors and everyone that deserves a quality photographer at a reasonable rate.

Hello. I'm Mick Hicks. Thanks for visiting my site here on the world wide web. Please surf my website where you will find a variety of my work. Check out my blog for posts and photos. Feel free to comment, good or bad on what's here. If you like my work and need a head shot or portfolio session you can book it using my online booking feature.

I have been a photographer since the 1970s. At various times in my career I have photographed presidents, senators, mayors, sports figures, movie stars, rock stars, porn stars, drag queens and the boy and girl next door. My photos have appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, films, documentaries, billboards, bathrooms and web sites around the world.

My studio is located in Silver Lake, California, east of Hollywood. Parking is available in the secure parking lot. Public transportation is available and stops within a block of the studio.

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